What can I do with my Psychology degree?

The following article was written by Doctor Johann Louw from the University of Cape Town. He has allowed us to share this empowering article to help shed light on what can be done with a degree in Psychology.


This document addresses the question: “What can I do with a major or an Honours or a Masters degree in Psychology”? It argues that the full range of opportunities available is best understood if one approaches it from an applied psychology perspective. You can read the document as one integrated piece, or you can click on the links below to access various sub-sections.

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4 Simple Rules for Effective Studying

At some point during your academic career, you may sit back and think – I’m not exactly sure how I should be studying? This is a thought that plagues many students at various times throughout their academic careers. Thus, it has become the focus of many research articles. Researchers have set out to understand the different studying techniques and how they work for different types of students.

We at Cognition & Co would like to provide you, the astute learner, with our four simple rules that will illuminate your journey of self-reflection and shed light on your path to great results.

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