Route to becoming a Psychologist in South Africa

Earlier today, Cognition & Co presented at their first conference – The 6th Southern African Students’ Psychology Conference.

Dylan Benyon (founder of Cognition & Co) along with Muhammed Cassim (PsySSA Student Division) presented a workshop called “My Place in Psychology – A New Dawn.”

In order to prepare for the conference, Cognition & Co wanted to create an infographic flow chart that outlined the route to becoming a registered psychology professional in South Africa. We thought it only fair to share that document with the students of South Africa;

In order to keep the design simple but informative, there are some aspects that have been left out. For example, both a Registered Counsellor and a Psychometrist can study an M Degree.

If there is anything we have missed or should be made aware of, please send us a message here.

3 Replies to “Route to becoming a Psychologist in South Africa”

  1. Please inform me of universities that are accredited to present a Bspych equivalent. It is shocking how we are cheated into programmes which are not recognized.

    Another great concern: SA is in a dying need for psychologists and counsellors but we are gate kept by having to choose quiting our fulltime jobs and doing Masters or Bspych full time.

    I am of opinion that people with work experience can bring so much more to the field and still serve their current workplaces .

    When will this be considered?

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