Charis Psychological Services – Counselling Psychology Internship 2021

Charis Psychological Services have a Counselling Psychology internship position available for 2021.

Janse van Rensburg & Breedt Psychology Inc. is a psychology group practice specialising
mainly in the physical rehabilitation psychology context. Rehabilitation psychology contributes psychological knowledge and skills to individuals with disabilities and chronic health conditions in order to maximize health and welfare, independence and choice, functional abilities and social role participation across their life span. Patients are seen while they are inpatients, as well as on an outpatient basis at various sub-acute and physical rehabilitation hospitals across Gauteng. Although providing psychological services to patients in a medical setting is the main focus on the practice, the outpatient aspect of the practice also serves as a generic private practice where children, adults, older adults, couples and families are seen for a variety of emotional difficulties irrespective of whether they suffer from any health challenges.

The Counselling Psychology Internship at Janse van Rensburg & Breedt Psychology Inc. was developed to fulfil all the necessary requirements as set up by the HPCSA.

For more information on the Counseling Psychology Internship, requirements, competencies, location, salary, and application process; please download the document by clicking the download button below;

CLOSING DATE: Monday 31st of August 2021. For enquiries about the position please contact: Dr Estie Janse van Rensburg – 082 805 1023

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