African Language Courses for Psychology Students

In order to better equip Psychology students for the diversity seen within South Africa, we are currently creating two African language courses with a focus on Psychology and Counselling environments.

These courses will extend over a period of 20 weeks and will consist of a number of online lessons, formative assessments, assignments and an exam. Following the successful completion of the course, students will receive a completion certificate from Cognition & Co.

We are busy finalizing the logistics behind the course at the moment, but learning materials, study guides, and stationery will be sent to each participant before the start of these courses. The curriculum is currently being professionally developed by the Cognition & Co team and a SACE registered language teacher.

Although these courses are still in development, we would like to streamline the enrollment process by collecting interested parties email addresses now in order to keep students up to date. No payments are required until the courses are completely finished, and the materials are printed.

If you would like to be kept up to date with the development of these courses, please click the link below and add your name and email address.


Finally, for logistical purposes, the isiXhosa course will be ready before the isiZulu course.

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