Remembering Albert Bandura (1925 – 2021)

Cognition & Co mourns the loss of one of the most influential Psychologists of our time, Albert Bandura, who passed away on Monday the 26th of July 2021. His contributions to the fields of psychology and education will forever remain integral features in the teaching and learnings of Psychologists around the world.

Bandura’s social learning theory and concept of self-efficacy were paramount in shaping our understanding of psychology as we know it today. His work was widely credited for helping shift the focus in academic psychology from pure behaviorism to cognitive psychology.

Psychology students and professionals alike will recall Bandura’s famous Bobo Doll Experiment, highlighting the role of observational learning in the shaping of ones behaviour. The results from this experiment changed the course of modern psychology.

Thank you for everything you have given to our field, it has been an absolute pleasure to learn from your work.

Rest in Peace.

1925 – 2021

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