Charis Counselling Psychology Internship 2022

Applications are now open for Counselling Psychology students and graduates that are looking for an HPCSA accredited internship.

Counselling Psychology Internship

The Counselling Psychology Internship at Charis Psychological Services was developed to fulfil all the necessary requirements as set up by the Health Professions Council of South Africa [HPCSA]. The programme, however, encourages an attitude of raising necessity and striving beyond the minimum requirement. 

Providing psychological services to adults and older adults will be obtained at the various physical rehabilitation centres and sub-acute hospitals. The intern will assist the multidisciplinary team with patients that are in need of psychological intervention. The patient’s concerns will vary according to diagnosis, however, generally it will consist around traumatic brain injuries, cerebrovascular accidents, spinal cord injuries, amputations and serious neurological syndromes. The patients present with a variety of emotional difficulties for example trauma, depression, anxiety and adjustment difficulties.

In addition, patients often need assistance in acceptance of their medical condition as well as the development of skills to adjust to a life now very different. Furthermore, the intern will be trained to provide specialised sexology consultation to spinal cord injured patients and/or their partners.

Experience in group work will be obtained in therapeutic and psychoeducation group sessions that focus on skills development, discharge planning and successful re-integration into the community. In addition to patients with medical concerns, the intern will be involved in providing out-patient therapy services to adults with a variety of emotional and relationship difficulties as per regular private practice. Experience related to children and adolescents will be conducted at the Jakaranda Children’s Home. The intern’s time will be divided between individual psychotherapy and group work within the above facilities. Interns will also conduct psychological assessments on children, adolescents and adults at the children’s home and in the hospital settings.

The intern will receive regular supervision from senior psychologists. The intern will be exposed to various forms of therapeutic paradigms, as they will be rotating supervisors. The intern will have the opportunity to work alongside other psychologists in the group practice. Through this internship the intern will also be exposed to the roles and responsibilities of a psychologist by working as part of a multidisciplinary team. They will be required to attend multidisciplinary team meetings on a weekly basis. This will enable them to develop the skills and an experience of working as part of a team, providing holistic care to patients. Another unique opportunity in this internship will be exposure to the running of a private practice in the medical context and learning the skills required to run a private practice. The interns will attend educational sessions, where they are taught other paradigms and how to integrate various paradigms to work effectively. The interns may be expected to complete assignments or attend educational sessions on any topics regarded as relevant. The intern will be provided the opportunity to prepare and run their own CPD workshop, with a supervisor’s guidance. Lastly, the intern is expected to present four case presentations throughout the year, as required by their university and HPCSA.

Minimum requirements

  • Proven registration as a MA or MSc Counselling Psychology Student at an accredited university/college;
  • Registration as an Intern Psychologist with HPCSA;
  • Completed course work as part of MA/MSc Counselling Psychology training;
  • Successful practical work as part of MA/MSc Counselling Psychology training.

Required competencies

  • Genuine interest in working in the rehabilitation/medical context;
  • Strong evidence based counselling and psychotherapeutic skills. Knowledge of short term and brief therapy techniques;
  • Ability to diagnose psychological disorders and psychopathology within the Scope of Practice for Counselling psychologists;
  • Ethical and professional orientation at all times;
  • Hardworking and able to work in flexible manner;
  • Sound administrative and organisational skills, able to manage time efficiently;
  • Sound Computer literacy;
  • High level of self-awareness and committed to own development;
  • Good interpersonal skills;
  • Able to work independently as well as a member of a multi-disciplinary team;
  • Liaise with external organisations in service delivery to patients/clients.


The intern psychologist will be working in both Pretoria and Johannesburg at the various Physical Rehabilitation and Sub-Acute hospitals where we provide a service, but will be mostly based at Netcare Rehabilitation Hospital in Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

For more information, please download the application form below. Applications close on the 24th of September 2021.

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