Seven Psychology Degree Superpowers

Having worked in the field of Psychology for some time now, specifically within the student community, I often hear negative comments from frustrated students about the value of their psychology degrees. While it is true that an academic qualification has its limitations, in the right context its implications can be limitless. Unlocking the secrets of a Psychology degree has the potential to expand perspectives and diversify opportunities, if approached in the right manner.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

An academic qualification is a theory-based university programme that prepares graduates for higher-level professional qualifications. Where these programmes lack in practical learning, they make up in creating critical thinkers with an in-depth historical and theoretical understanding of a subject. While these qualifications in Psychology do not lead to registration with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), they do more than just open the door to postgraduate qualifications; they give students superpowers.

Below I have compiled a list of marketable and transferable skills that, if applied in the right manner, can be valuable assets in the working world. Each superpower is associated with tangible corporate skills that have the capacity to help any Psychology graduate shine when applying for jobs. These superpowers are intertwined in the very fabric that is Psychology at an undergraduate level; all of which can be extremely valuable to employers across a number of sectors.

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