With December around the corner, it is important to keep our mental health in mind as we enter into the holiday season. While this time may be a much needed break away from reality for some, for others it is a time of increased stress and anxiety.

A recent study showed that up to 38% of people will experience increased stressed and anxiety over the holidays, and that 64% of individuals living with a mental illness felt as though their conditions worsened around the festive season.

We all have different reasons for being stressed or anxious during this time of the year and Cognition & Co wanted to create an initiative that could help everyone find some time to themselves each day over the holidays. Lack of time, financial pressure, gift-giving, family gatherings, lack of family gatherings; no matter what your reason, lets dedicate some time to reflection and resolution.

Cognition & Co is encouraging anyone and everyone to join us this December as we put aside some time each day to look after our mental health through doing some form of exercise. We’ll be running 4km everyday during the month of December for no other reason than to not let our reasons get the best of us.

4km or 40minutes; whichever comes first! You can run, walk, cycle, swim, gym, meditate, yoga, whatever you want. Share your photos with us each day on social media and remember to tag @CognitionAndCo

If you use Strava, join the Cognition & Co club and share your activities with the rest of the community;

Don’t let the holidays be the reason you don’t look after your mental health; join us and RUN4AREASON.

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