Charis Psychological Services – Counselling Psychology Internship 2021

Charis Psychological Services have a Counselling Psychology internship position available for 2021.

Janse van Rensburg & Breedt Psychology Inc. is a psychology group practice specialising
mainly in the physical rehabilitation psychology context. Rehabilitation psychology contributes psychological knowledge and skills to individuals with disabilities and chronic health conditions in order to maximize health and welfare, independence and choice, functional abilities and social role participation across their life span. Patients are seen while they are inpatients, as well as on an outpatient basis at various sub-acute and physical rehabilitation hospitals across Gauteng. Although providing psychological services to patients in a medical setting is the main focus on the practice, the outpatient aspect of the practice also serves as a generic private practice where children, adults, older adults, couples and families are seen for a variety of emotional difficulties irrespective of whether they suffer from any health challenges.

The Counselling Psychology Internship at Janse van Rensburg & Breedt Psychology Inc. was developed to fulfil all the necessary requirements as set up by the HPCSA.

For more information on the Counseling Psychology Internship, requirements, competencies, location, salary, and application process; please download the document by clicking the download button below;

CLOSING DATE: Monday 31st of August 2021. For enquiries about the position please contact: Dr Estie Janse van Rensburg – 082 805 1023

What’s the difference between a B Degree and a BPsych?

Following the widespread distribution of our post – Things I wish I was told before my Undergraduate Degree in Psychology? – Cognition & Co has been inundated with questions regarding the differences in studying a B Degree in Psychology and a BPsych. We have since created the following flow chart to explain and describe the routes available to anyone wanting to study further and gain a professional registration from the HPCSA;

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Things I wish I was told before my Undergraduate Degree in Psychology

🔹It takes roughly 7 years to become a Psychologist in South Africa. In order to be a Psychologist you will need to complete the following; Undergraduate Degree (3 years), Honours Degree (1 or 2 years), Masters Degree (1 or 2 years), Internship (1 year), and Community Service – if you are taking the Clinical Route (1 year).

🔹An Honours Degree in Psychology is not the same as a BPsych. A BPsych or BPsych Equivalent is a completely separate qualification focused on practical training that includes a supervised practicum consisting of 720 hours. This allows the graduate to register with the HPCSA as either a Registered Counsellor or a Psychometrist, depending on the programme.

🔹There are 6 different types of Psychologists in South Africa. Clinical, Counselling, Educational, Industrial, Research, and Neuro Psychologists. Take the time to research each of them carefully before you start studying Psychology, each is trained with a unique set of skills to fit their specific niche within the communities of South Africa.

🔹Similar to Lawyers and Chartered Accountants, you will also need to write a board exam. In order to register with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), you will need to write and pass a national board exam after internship (before Community Service in you are taking the Clinical route). These board exams will test your ethical and therapeutic understanding and require a pass mark of 70% minimum.

🔹There are no distance or online options at a Masters Level. You will be able to do your undergraduate and honours degrees online through universities like the University of South Africa, however there are no online options available at a Masters level. Even the UNISA professional Masters programme requires students to be on campus full time for 2 years.

🔹The first 4 or 5 years of your studies in Psychology will be theoretical. It is only at a Masters level that you will be professionally trained and supervised to work with clients. It is during this time that you learn the practical application of the theories covered at an undergrad and honours level.

🔹A Masters by Dissertation and a Professional Masters are very different. A Masters by Dissertation is an in depth continuation of the theoretical training from honours, specifically in the field of research. A professional Masters will allow you to register with the HPCSA, however a Masters by Dissertation will not.

🔹Without an HPCSA registration, you may not call yourself a Psychologist or see clients. This means that you will be limited in terms of what work you can do before you have completed a professional Masters degree and received the appropriate training in the field.

🔹Getting into Masters is not easy. Every year, hundreds of students apply for professional Masters programmes around South Africa, but the universities only take between 6 and 12 students per year, per category. This extreme competition leads to rigorous selection processes whereby most students will not be allocated a place in the following year’s class.

🔹Rejection is normal, get comfortable with it. With the extreme competition at a Masters level, being rejected by universities becomes commonplace. It’s not personal; even though it feels like it. Most Masters students go through on average, 3 or 4 years of selections before being allocated a space.

🔹Getting a Masters overseas will not guarantee you an HPCSA registration. Remember that in other countries, you will need a Doctorate in order to become a Psychologist; this is because they only do their professional practical training at Doctorate level. Doing an online Masters from a university abroad will not qualify you as a Psychologist in either country.

What can I ACTUALLY do with a Psychology Degree?

Over the past year, Cognition & Co has received hundreds of questions regarding how a Psychology Degree can be used in order to gain employment in South Africa. Unfortunately, there is no holistic answer that defines exactly what career field a graduate can aim for with only an undergraduate degree in Psychology.

Before giving information about what individuals can do, it is important to outline what Psychology graduates cannot do.

According to the HPCSA, graduates with an undergraduate or honours degree in Psychology may not work as Counsellors or Psychologists.

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Student Photo Collection 2020

We want to create a collage saying thank you to all out student supporters and those applying for masters in 2021. The collage will be shared on our Instagram & Facebook pages.

Submit your photo using this link – Photo Submission.

Please take note of the following rules;

  • Photo submissions close Friday 3rd July @ 23h59
  • Blank white or grey background (no shots in the garden or on the beach).
  • White or blue shirt.
  • Colour photo.
  • Square photo (aspect ratio 1:1)
  • ID Photo style but you can smile 😉
  • Make sure your face is centered.


Please make sure you follow these rules else we can’t use your photo.

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C&C M1 & M2 Whatsapp Group

Cognition & Co works hard to help students get better prepared for Masters Applications & interviews, but we also want to support those that are currently in their M1 & M2 years.

We have created a Whatsapp group for current coursework Masters students that want to network with other Masters students and discuss relevant psychological topics.

We are looking for class representatives from each university that can invite the rest of their class if they so wish. If you are willing to be the class rep for your university, please contact us here.

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