Our goal has always been to inspire and motivate Psychology students by creating learning opportunities designed to promote personal growth and development. Our events are carefully planned and implemented by Cognition & Co, with the help of registered professionals in the field of Psychology. Join us in 2022 and let’s have the conversations that create passionate, prepared students.

The Masters Preparation Session is a conference style event designed to help students understand the routes to becoming a Psychologist in South Africa, while preparing the students for what they might encounter along the journey. While the focus of this conference is on Masters applications and selections, the information and networking opportunities are invaluable to anyone wanting to pursue this career path.

This event is not aimed to prepare students for a specific university or selection process; it’s been created to assist in unlocking the reflective thinking processes that will help students understand who they are as they begin their journey. If you want to know what lies ahead on your path to becoming a Psychologist in South Africa, this is the event for you.


So you’ve been selected to interview for Masters at one of the universities around South Africa? Group dynamics play a crucial role in helping the selection panel determine who will be a good fit for their university and programme.

These Group Interview Preparation Sessions have been designed to replicate aspects of Group Interviews done at universities around South Africa. Students are encouraged to get involved and learn new skills as they do. During each session, our Psychologist hosts will give feedback about the process and provide insight from their experience.

These sessions are limited to small groups of students in order to give valuable insight and feedback regarding the specific groups dynamic. Join us in 2022 and make sure you walk into Group Interviews confident and ready to shine.


Cognition & Co teamed up with professional Psychologists to prepare an in depth series of case studies and role plays that will help students orientate their psychological understanding in real world examples.

Each Case Study Session is unique in that each attendee is required to prepare a presentation that conceptualizes the case study given to them. Attendees have 24 hours to revise and prepare before presenting their findings to the Cognition & Co panel the following day. The panel will then ask questions and provide feedback regarding the overall presentation and diagnosis.

Each Role Play Session is a unique one-on-one session with a psychological professional and a member of the Cognition & Co team. The aim is to replicate various roleplay scenarios and provide critical feedback both from a first and second order perspective.

These are one-on-one sessions with a psychological professional aimed to improve an individuals practical understanding in the above mentioned areas of their development. Following the presentation, the attendee and the Cognition & Co team will work together to fully understand and dissect the case study from different perspectives and discuss hypothetical outcomes including ethical and cultural considerations.

These Case Study x Role Play Sessions will be offered as a package in 2022. Please keep an eye on our website and social media for more information.