Case Study Sessions – Online


Cognition & Co have teamed up with professional Psychologists to prepare an in depth series of case studies that will help students orientate their psychological understanding in real world examples.

Title: Case Study Sessions
Dates: July 2021
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Price: R650 per person/session
Bookings: Additional Sessions SOLD OUT


Each session is unique in that each attendee is required to prepare a presentation that conceptualizes the case study given to them. Attendees have 24 hours to revise and prepare before presenting their findings to the Cognition & Co panel the following day, over Zoom. The panel will then ask questions and provide feedback regarding the overall presentation and diagnosis.

These are one-on-one sessions with a psychological professional and a member of the Cognition & Co team. Following the presentation, the attendee and the Cognition & Co team will work together to fully understand and dissect the case study from different perspectives and discuss hypothetical outcomes including ethical and cultural considerations.


If you interested in reserving a space, contact us by email and we will send further information and payment details. Cognition & Co will send a list of available dates and times that attendees can use to book their sessions. Please keep in mind that you will need the day before your allocated slot to prepare for your presentation. 24 hours before your allotted presentation time slot, you will be sent the case study and may begin preparing your formulation. You will also be sent a Meeting ID and password for your time slot; you will use these to log in to Zoom and present your findings.


We recommend that you do not seek outside help from a professional psychologist or alike as this is a preparation session for you. We cannot give you feedback if you didn’t do the research and conceptualization yourself.


These Case Study Sessions are aimed at Psychology students and graduates that are looking for feedback on their ability to formulate a case study, similar to those presented during Masters Selections.


All tickets sales are final and no refunds will be processed for no shows or cancellations. These sessions require a great deal of input from the students and it is this input that makes the feedback from the Cognition & Co team invaluable. Attendees will need to do research and prepare before their session. Tickets are limited and are offered on a first-come first-serve basis. Sessions will only be finalized once Cognition & Co receives confirmation of payment.



Please keep an eye on our social media pages (Facebook & Instagram) for any updates.