October is World Mental Health Awareness Month and Cognition & Co wants you to help take critical steps towards the destigmatization of mental illness. During October, we change our colour scheme to green in order to reflect the green ribbon associated with mental health awareness.

10th of October

Every year on the 10th of October, we come together to support World Mental Health Day by painting our social media pages green. We do this in order to acknowledge those struggling with mental illness, be it personally or vicariously, and create a space where talking about mental health becomes commonplace.


We encourage everyone from around the world to join us in our endeavour to spread awareness, spark conversations, engage in discussions, and actively work towards the destigmatization of mental illness.

To get involved and be a part of our movement, all you have to do is share a BLANK GREEN SQUARE on your social media pages and help us paint social media green on World Mental Health Day – 10th of October. Copy or download the image below and share it to your social media, making sure that you tag Cognition & Co in the post, and use the hashtag #GREENFORMENTALHEALTH.

Share this GREEN SQUARE on your social media pages using the hashtag #GREENFORMENTALHEALTH

Visit our Instagram or Facebook pages for more information and to stay up to date with any and all developments regarding this campaign during the month of October. Share and Follow to join our movement and let’s work together to combat the stigma placed on those struggling with mental health related issues


As part of our #GreenForMentalHealth campaign, we are pleased to announce a full day of free mental health information sessions we’re calling the Wet Paint Sessions.

Join us on Sunday the 10th of October as we discuss important mental health topics with a panel of seven incredible mental health professionals. The Wet Paint Sessions will be hosted live on Instagram throughout the day, so make sure to follow @CognitionAndCo on Instagram to join the events.

See the table below for the time structure and list of speakers. All sessions will be hosted by the Cognition & Co Founder – Dylan Benyon.

Cayley JorgensenFacing Up to Mental Health10h00
Amy DavisonStudent Mental Health12h00
Adrian CamposDestigmatizing Mental Health14h00
Hope MatholeBarriers to Mental Health16h00
Christopher KempMale Mental Health18h00
Manuel van der NeutPreparation for Therapy20h00