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Cognition & Co is determined to help psychology graduates find employment opportunities. We are always searching for applicable job listings and are actively approaching organisations, explaining the benefits of hiring psychology graduates and confirming that they will consider CV’s received from psychology graduates.

Use the hashtag #jobsforpsychologygraduates to search for jobs and be on the lookout for this logo;

Updated: 05.09.2019

Any listings will be posted below;

Johannesburg – Recruitment Consultant

Johannesburg – Industrial Psychology Lecturer

Johannesburg – Talent Manager

Johannesburg – Research and Education Officer

Johannesburg – Program Coordinator

Johannesburg – Graduate Recruitment Consultant

Johannesburg – Research Specialist

Johannesburg – Employee Relations Officer

Johannesburg – HR Manager

Johannesburg – Human Resource Manager

Johannesburg – HR Assistant – 12 months contract

Johannesburg – Research Consultant

Johannesburg – Manager: Community Engagement

Johannesburg – HEAIDS – Regional Manager

Johannesburg – Foundation Phase Curriculum Developer

Johannesburg – Research and Education Officer

Johannesburg – HR Consultant

Johannesburg – Teacher – Life Orientation

Johannesburg – Head: Human Capital Global Markets

Johannesburg – Service Consultant

Johannesburg – Lecturer

Johannesburg – Senior Lecturer

Johannesburg – Student Life Counselor

Johannesburg – Educational Psychologist

Johannesburg – Head of Learning and Talent Management

Johannesburg – Manager Talent & Learning

Johannesburg – 2020 Intern Educational Psychologists

Johannesburg – Sustainable Development Manager

Johannesburg – Training Officer

Johannesburg – Au Pairs & Facilitators 

Johannesburg – Helen Joseph Hospital – Employee Health and Wellness

Johannesburg – Randburg – Wellbeing Coach

Johannesburg – Sandton – Personal Development Coach

Bloemfontein – School Engagement Officers

Potchefstroom – Project facilitator / Industrial Psychology

Vanderbijlpark – Part-Time HR Lecturer

Modderfontein – Industrial and Organisational Psychology Internship

Cape Town – Senior Manager Recruitment And Selection

Cape Town – Lead Recruitment and Selection

Cape Town – Team Leader: Learning Facilitation

Cape Town – Psychometric Feedback Facilitator

Cape Town – Office Administrator

Cape Town – Community Workers

Cape Town – School Engagement Officers

Cape Town – HR Officer

Cape Town – Clinical Psychologist

Cape Town – OD Manager

Cape Town – Technique Coach

Cape Town – UI Designer

Cape Town – Talent Acquisition Assistant

Cape Town – HR Business Partner

Cape Town – Academic Administrator

Cape Town – Salesforce Consultant

Cape Town – Systems Integration and Optimization Specialist

Cape Town – Employment Project Manager

Cape Town – HEAIDS – Regional Manager

Cape Town – Head of Education

Cape Town – Youth Transitions Facilitator

Cape Town – Half-Day Position – Fundraiser

Cape Town – Senior Manager: Remuneration & Benefits

Cape Town – Lecturer: Education

Cape Town – Counselling Psychologist

Cape Town – Clinical Psychologist

Cape Town – Graduate Trainee Talent & Learning Coordinator

Cape Town – HR Graduate

Cape Town – HR Analytics and Systems Lead

Cape Town – People Capability Manager

Cape Town – Clinical Psychologist

Cape Town – Recruitment Consultant

Cape Town – Specialist Recruitment Consultant

Cape Town – Senior Talent Development Consultant

Cape Town – Student Success Manager

Stellenbosch – HR Generalist

Stellenbosch – Educational/Counselling Psychologists

Kathu – HR Officer

Pretoria – Talent and Organisational Development Practitioner

Pretoria – ABA TherapistMention Cognition & Co in your application.

Pretoria – Lecturer in Psychology

Pretoria – Academic Coordinator

Pretoria – HR Administrator

Pretoria – Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Pretoria – Social Worker

Lydenburg – Social auxiliary worker

Durban – HEAIDS – Regional Manager

Durban – Organizational Development Manager

Durban – Au Pairs & Facilitators 

Umhlanga – Organisational Development Manager

Umhlanga – Organisational Development Manager – Night Shift

Pietermaritzburg – Part-time Lecturer

Richards Bay – Young Professional-in-Training-Human Resources

Port Elizabeth- SDF/EE Consultant

Port Elizabeth – HR Officer

Port Elizabeth – Eastern Cape Provincial Manager

Port Elizabeth – Head of Schools

Port Elizabeth – Vocational Manager

Port Elizabeth – Various Social Work & Psychology positions

East London – Professor / Associate Professor: Industrial Psychology

Lesotho – Lead Assessor

South Africa – Mental Health Specialists

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