Job Listings

Cognition & Co is determined to help psychology graduates find employment opportunities. We are always searching for applicable job listings and are actively approaching organisations, explaining the benefits of hiring psychology graduates and confirming that they will consider CV’s received from psychology graduates.

Use the hashtag #jobsforpsychologygraduates to search for jobs and be on the lookout for this logo;

Updated: 02.07.2020

Any listings will be posted below;

Johannesburg – Psychology Intern

Johannesburg – Facilitators

Johannesburg – Research Analyst

Johannesburg – HR Officer

Johannesburg – Au Pair

Johannesburg – Private Tutor

Johannesburg – Programme Manager

Johannesburg – Senior Program Officer

Johannesburg – Licensed Communty Counsellor

Johannesburg – Head of Organisational Effectiveness

Benoni – Housemother

Cape Town – Coaching Educator

Cape Town – Social Worker

Cape Town – Junior account manager

Cape Town – Faculty Head (Social & Community Development Faculty)

Cape Town – Social Worker/ Clinical Psychologist

Cape Town – Head of Human Resources

Cape Town – HR Consultant

Cape Town – Call Centre Agent – Healthcare

Cape Town – Junior HR / Office Assistant

Cape Town – Head of Human Resources

Cape Town – Publishing Operations Coordinator

Cape Town – Student Success Advisor

Cape Town – Psychology / Industrial Psychology Internship 2020

Cape Town – Customer Support Lead

Cape Town – Supervisor Counsellor

Cape Town – Retirement Benefits Counsellor

Cape Town – Retail Store Manager

Pretoria – Psychologist

Pretoria – HR Business Partner

Pretoria – Teaching & Learning Head

Pretoria – Specialist UI Developer

Pretoria – Communication Officer

Pretoria – Lecturer : Psychology Honours

Durban – Community-Based Facilitator

Durban – Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Durban – Principal Programme Officer

Durban – Academic Administrative Officer

Durban – Centre for Rural Health

Durban – Project Officer

Durban – Lecturer : Psychology 

Durban – Counselling Psychologist

Durban – Personal Development Coach

Pietermartizburg – HAST Counsellor

Ladysmith – Group Manager HR & IR

Bloemfontein – Hospital Manager

Bloemfontein – Lecturer IOP

Welkom – Research Professor: Foundations of Education

East London – Senior Manager: Human Resources

Richards Bay – Organisational Development (OD) Specialist

Limpopo – Clinical/Counselling Psychologist

Limpopo – Human Resources Consultant

Limpopo – Health Promoter

Limpopo – Lay Counsellors Officers x8

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