Cognition & Co are committed to helping students in any way we can. We understand the plight of any student trying to get into a practical masters programme in South Africa.

To assist with this, we launched our 2019 Masters Mentorship Programme to help students connect with individuals that have already gone through the masters process and act as their mentors before, during and after.

Mentor & mentee applications are now closed.

Successful candidates will be notified by email shortly.

We will begin pairing shortly.

Once paired, the mentor can make contact with their mentee through any form of online communication they feel comfortable with; eg Email, Whatsapp, Phonecall, etc. The mentors should establish boundaries but use the time to get to know their mentee. We will also try pair mentors and mentees according to location, if both the mentor and mentee feel comfortable meeting in real-life, it is up to them to organize.

The Mentorship Programme will not be a massive time commitment, but would require participation from both sides of the relationship. The role of the mentor is not there to fill out application forms or provide a detailed account of every step of the masters interview process, but to facilitate a supportive relationship that gives the mentee the confidence to be themselves in that environment.

Finally, Cognition & Co would like to use the data collected in this programme to conduct research to help improve the programme in subsequent versions of it, as well as expand the current body of knowledge surrounding the topic of mentorship in psychology. The data collected will be used anonymously (if you consent) and used to gain an overall understanding of the benefits of mentorship to South African psychology students.