Counselling Psychology

In order to become a registered Counselling Psychologist, individuals needs to complete a coursework Masters degree in Counselling Psychology, a one year internship, and pass the HPCSA board exam.

Counselling psychologists are professionally trained health professionals that work with individuals, couples, families, and/or communities. These psychologists aim to treat patients by using therapy designed to optimise their psychological well-being. Counselling psychologists work in a variety of settings including such as private practice, different government departments and schools.

The journey to becoming a Counselling Psychologist will take a minimum of 6 years; depending on what route a student takes. Counselling Psychologists will need to complete a full-time coursework M degree as well as a supervised internship year at an HPCSA accredited internship site. Counselling Psychologists do not have to complete a year of Community Service.

In order to become a Sport Psychologist, one would need to follow the same route as either a Clinical or Counselling Psychologist. For more information on Sport Psychology, please click this link.

To find out more about accredited universities that offer training in Counselling Psychology in South Africa, click here.