[C&C] 2023 Masters Applications Telegram Group

Cognition & Co welcomes any students and graduates that will be applying for a Masters degree in Psychology in the year of 2023, for the classes starting in 2024.

We endeavor to support the students through creating an interactive platform where applicants will have direct access to vital information regarding Masters applications, interviews, and selections.

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Photo Credit: Dylan Benyon

Cognition & Co recently had the pleasure of being invited to the SACAP (The South African College of Applied Psychology) Johannesburg campus to celebrate SACAP’s 25th Anniversary.

Managing Director of Cognition & Co, Dylan Benyon, was privileged to be shown around the beautiful campus by the current Academic Dean, Dr Jaclyn Lotter. As they walked around the facilities, they discussed the incredible work SACAP is doing in the field of Psychology and how far they have come in recent years.

Importantly, SACAP is one of the only higher education institutions offering the BPsych Equivalent programme that leads to HPCSA registration as a Registered Counsellor. To find out more about the work SACAP is doing, read the media statement below.


UKZN (PMB) BPsych Equivalent (Registered Counsellor)

This BPsych Equivalent is a professional programme that leads to registration with the HPCSA as a Registered Counsellor. This is an 18 month professional programme, meaning that it cannot be done part-time or via distance. Included within this programme is both the academic and practical components required to write the HPCSA board exam. This practical component includes the 720 hour supervised practicum, aligned to the professional training standards of the Health Professions Act 56 of 1974.

The practicum cannot be done separately to the academic components as candidates will need both the practicum portfolio and degree certificate in order to qualify to write their board exam.

For more information on this programme, admission requirements, and application forms, please visit the UKZN Postgraduate Webpage.

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SACAP launches Bachelor of Social Work degree

Our world of work is changing so rapidly that many young people wonder whether their chosen career might exist once their studies are completed and they are ready to enter the workplace. Social work is one of those in-demand careers in South Africa.  Across the globe the focus on social justice, climate crisis impacts and economic inequality is only intensifying, and the world’s need for people with relevant skills and abilities to help change lives for the better is increasing all the time. It makes sense then that there’s a significant need to intensify social sciences education and training to effectively respond to the changing socio-economic and environmental contexts. 

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2021 Psychology Masters Application Whatsapp Group

Are you applying for a Masters Degree in Psychology in next year?

If you’re a potential Masters student that will be applying for professional Masters programmes around South Africa in 2021 (for the class of 2022), then you need to join the Cognition & Co Masters Application Whatsapp Group so you don’t miss a thing.

Join our incredible Psychology Student Community on Whatsapp and connect with other students while getting the most up-to-date information on the different programmes and universities around South Africa. You’ll also get important information about the Cognition & Co events, workshops, and conferences.

The Cognition & Co Whatsapp group will be open on Saturday the 2nd of January 2021 and hopeful masters students will be able to find the link on this page. Spaces are limited due to Whatsapp’s group policies, so make sure you don’t miss your spot.

Whatsapp Group 1 is now FULL.

Whatsapp Group 2 is now FULL.


We have decided to migrate the two Whatsapp groups to one group on Telegram. Telegram has a larger maximum group size and can therefore accommodate all our potential Masters students in one place. Click here to find out how to join the group.

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